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Residential Construction


New Builds in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona


Carter Enterprises is dedicated to providing you with your dream home. If you’re trying to build a new home, trust us to help! We pride ourselves on being your one-stop contractor for your project. Our knowledge of the industry, design, and project management make us the perfect choice for building your new home.

Restoration and Renovation


Beyond new builds, our contractors can assist you in renovating or restoring your home. We make sure that your restoration makes your home look and feel as if it were brand new. You can trust our work ethic to finish the project promptly and within budget.

Home restoration is often done in an older house where you want to keep the same look and feel as it was originally built. We can restore the exterior of your home so that its structure and look are as strong as possible. If you have more questions about the restoration process, please contact us!

Renovation to your home is done when you’re going for an entirely new look. This could be done on a small scale, like only a room or two, or on a large scale involving nearly the entire house. No matter the size of the renovations, you can trust us to get the job done.

new foundation



Our specialty is our foundation work. A solid foundation is crucial for any home as it supports its weight. If you’re working on a new home, you can trust us to build a foundation that will stand the test of time. If the foundation of your current home is experiencing structural problems, we offer repair services. We have the expertise to deal with everything from cracks to geotechnical issues!

Trust Our Experience


We’ve been in business for over 65 years and have been doing this a long time. You can trust our experience to provide the best service and work. We will work with your budget to ensure the project is done without breaking the bank.

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Contact Carter Enterprises to get started on your residential construction project! You can as also call us at 435-586-8841 to get more information!

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